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HTV (Harmony TV Video Podcast)
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I've opened a new Paypal account to help with the podcast/videocast expenses. Any money that is donated will go to hosting the podcast and videocast on their hosting sites (www.libsyn.com) and to any new programs I may need to produce the podcast/videocast. I figure, to date, I've put about $250 of my own money into it and I just can't afford it anymore with two sons to raise. I didn't want it to come to this, but it has. Any amount would be greatly appreciated, and it will only go to keeping the podcast and videocast going.

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Voicemail # for harmony_podcast and htv_videocast= 1-619-632-5324

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This is the live journal community for the Harmony Television (HTV) Video Podcast. It is made up entirely of Harry/Hermione Fan Videos made by H/Hr shippers and HHR fan art. Membership is now open, and is moderated. There will be no shipping wars, and if poppywillow or miscard is not convinced you're a true HHR shipper, membership will not be approved. We want a troll free community where HHR shippers can submit their fan videos and fan art for fellow shippers to enjoy without negative comments from non-HHR shippers. So, if you're not a Harry/Hermione shipper, this is definitely not the community for you.