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HTV Episode #3 is now available!!! :)

Posted by miscard on 2006.05.05 at 20:16
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The third episode of Harmony Television (HTV) is now available!

libsyn podcast button

Click picture to go to the HTV Libsyn Page

To download the videocast off of Libsyn, left click on the file name and choose "Save Target As..." Easiest thing to do is to save it to your desktop if you're like me and lose files easily (just save it as HTV 3), and if you double click on it, it should play on whatever media player that you use to usually play your music and video.

harmony podcast iTunes page

Click picture to go to our iTunes page!
Takes a few seconds for page to open

Ok, for those of you that don't know yet, you can play the videocast directly on iTunes. After downloading it onto the iTunes player, if you press play, it will start to play in the little window on the bottom left hand corner where the album art is usually displayed for your songs. If you just click on that window one time, it'll bring up a 300x300 sized screen that you can watch it on. When it's done, just click on the bigger sized screen and it will go back down to the small screen on the bottom :)

PodcastAlley.com Feeds

HTV Podcast Alley Page...Please Vote!!

Please subscribe on iTunes and vote on Podcast Alley :)

Please donate to help with expenses for the harmony podcast and videocast. Just click the button, any amount, big or small will help out immensely.

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